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Architect Continuing Education Schedule


Earn Up to 10 Credits

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Individual Class Registration is not required. 

Just register as an attendee and join any class you are interested in.

LOCATION: The Parkview Room ( Mezzanine Level - One floor above the Casino)

Architecture Model Sketching

8:00 am

Reception & Registration

Coffee and Pastries provided in the Parkview Room, Mezzanine Level.

One floor above the Casino.

Architecture Model Sketching

8:30 am

Constructing Exterior Walls to Avoid Moisture Intrusion • 1 LU/HSW

Presented by Larry Dawson • Henry Company

Building code changes, mold and mildew, and the drive for energy efficient buildings has increased demand for an effective weather resistive air barrier; and vapor barrier where appropriate. Through a detailed discussion, this presentation will help you understand how to select an effective air barrier
to manage air, water, vapor, and energy throughout the building envelope. AIRBAR

Architecture Model Sketching

9:45 am

Hand Rail Code Requirements & Design Considerations • 2 LU/HSW

Presented by Chris Carbone • INTEX Millwork Solutions

This course will provide the Architect with the details of railing systems code requirements and testing to ensure they meet IRC and IBC Building Codes. Integrating design elements based on materials and span limits into the structure architecture. INTEX2017HSW

Architecture Model Sketching

11:00 am

Walls That Work • 1 LU/HSW

Presented by Jeffrey Job • Johns Manville

This course provides an overview of the effects of temperature, air, and water on exterior walls. It discusses how temperature differentials influence airflow through wall assemblies and how humidity and dew point affect individual material and overall system performance. Concluding with an overview of typical wall insulation products and the advantages of spray foam. 0100-2019

Architecture Model Sketching

12:00 pm

Lunch Buffet & Walk the Show Floor • 1 LU

Presented by Signature Door & IDEAS

Get 1 LU credit for attending the show and getting signatures from
20 different exhibitors.

Architecture Model Sketching

1:00 pm

Understanding Poly-Ash Trim and the Exterior Trim Market • 1 LU/HSW

Presented by Ken Empfield • DURATION & BORAL

An examination of the new Poly-Ash category of exterior trim products as it relates to other types of trim, specifically around the areas of installation, longevity, maintenance and sustainability. BCI0001

Architecture Model Sketching

2:15 pm

Versetta Stone • 1 LU/HSW

Presented by Boral

Architecture Model Sketching

3:30 pm

Continuous Tie Down Systems for Multi Story Light Frame Buildings • 1 LU/HSW

Presented by Jay Vance • MiTek

Continuous tie down systems provide a structurally sound method of resisting high overturning uplift (from wind or earthquake) or wind induced roof uplift in a Multi Story wood framed building. Z41604

Architecture Model Sketching

Online Courses • 1 LU/HSW

Presented by Signature Door

Take 2 online courses form Signature Doors

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